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Often, the temporal form of epilepsy occurs against the background of cialis (tadalafil) temporal sclerosis. However, experts cannot yet answer unequivocally what this pathology is (the cause of the disease or its consequence). Depending on the exact location of the epileptogenic focus in the temporal lobe of the brain, temporal lobe epilepsy is divided into several forms: However, for greater convenience, clinicians divide temporal lobe epilepsy into only two groups.

Temporal lobe epilepsy, combined with temporal medial sclerosis, usually debuts in childhood from 6 months to 6 years of tadalafil pills with the onset of an episode of febrile, that is, atypical seizures that occur against a background of high temperature.

With temporal lobe epilepsy, complex partial (CPP), simple and secondary generalized (GAS) seizures can occur. According to statistics, in about 50% of cases of temporal lobe epilepsy, seizures are mixed. A distinctive feature of simple convulsions is the preservation of consciousness. Such convulsions often occur in the form of an aura or precede the development of CAP or SPP. Simple motor seizures are manifested by a fixed installation of the hand or foot, turning the eyes or head towards the location of the focus of convulsive readiness. Simple sensory seizures occur as attacks of cialis dizziness, visual or auditory hallucinations, disturbances in the perception of smells and taste.

After this, a spontaneous remission occurs, lasting 3-5 years. At the end of remission, the patient develops afebrile psychomotor convulsions. Surgical treatment of temporal lobe epilepsy in 30–45% of cases completely relieves the patient of the manifestations of the disease, in other patients the frequency of seizures is significantly reduced.

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Diagnosis of cialis lobe epilepsy can present certain difficulties. In adults, the detection of the disease usually occurs at the stage of the onset of secondary generalized seizures. This is due to the fact that most patients do not notice simple and complex partial seizures or do not consider them a reason to seek medical help.

Temporal lobe epilepsy in most cases occurs in patients under 20 years of age. In about 30% of cases, it develops in children of the first three years of life. In children, temporal lobe epilepsy is usually diagnosed in the early stages. Parents bring their child to counseling when they are concerned about automatic movements, behavioral disturbances, or occasional blackouts. Neurological disorders in temporal lobe epilepsy are usually not observed, except in cases where the disease develops against the background of a hematoma, stroke, or brain tumor.

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Electroencephalography in temporal epilepsy in most cases does not reveal any changes. Therefore, to diagnose the disease and detect the focus of epileptic activity, it is recommended to perform polysomnography with recording an electroencephalogram during the patient's sleep. To determine the cause of cialis pills lobe epilepsy, MRI, PET is performed. Therapy for temporal lobe epilepsy is aimed at achieving remission of the disease, that is, the complete cessation of seizures. It usually begins with the use of carbamazepine.

With its ineffectiveness, a drug from the group of benzodiazepines, barbiturates, hydantoins, valproates is prescribed. If monotherapy of tadalafil ed pills lobe epilepsy does not lead to a stable positive result, various combinations of antiepileptic drugs are used. Surgical treatment is recommended for drug-resistant temporal lobe epilepsy.